Nathan, Chance and Amanda

Nathan, Chance and Amanda

Thank you for your interest in hunting with us in beautiful New Mexico! 

If this seems like it could be a fit please spend some time reading through the website and then give us a call or let us know what is a good time to call you. We’d love to hear about what your perfect hunt looks like. We may not be able to get all the way there but we will try!

The family:

Nathan and Amanda started here 13 seasons ago. Over which time they have welcomed 3 strapping young boys to the team. We live for time with family, usually spent in the outdoors one way or another. When you book a week at the ranch you book a week as part of the family. 

For us that means great food, awesome company and a friendly family atmosphere. Please consider joining us for a week in this beautiful part of the world that we are blessed to call home. 

Calder, Chance and Cash. Your future guides!

Calder, Chance and Cash. Your future guides!

The details: 

We will hunt 7 bull elk this year (3 archery and 4 rifle ) on the property (about 1/2 of the private land tags allocated to us by the state) We have hunted it this way since we began and have enjoyed some noticeable increase in game quality and numbers. We are averaging bulls in the 300 range over our entire time here with a noticeable jump in the last 3-4 years. We have taken a bull just shy of 390 as the largest yet and have killed 350 class bulls each of the last 6 years. 

We pride ourselves in being a very small operation. It gives us the opportunity to keep things secluded and personalized. You will not just be another hunter in camp here. You will have a personal guide through the duration of your hunt who will assure that this is a hunt of a lifetime for you. If you are interested in booking this hunt you will be the only group on the ranch. You will have all 15,000 acres to hunt as well as “the bunkhouse” to yourselves for the week. The opening day of archery is September 1st, rifle is October 1st. The bulls are vocal, sparring and chasing cows which is an awesome time of the year to be in the woods with them.  

We feel the physical nature of the hunt is lower on the scale than most elk hunts. Elevations are pretty friendly with the majority of the ranch sitting between 6 and 7,000 ft elevation. We have over 130 miles of 2 track road on the property and try to utilize it with side by side UTV and 4x4 pickup as well as possible. 

A typical hunt would include each hunter heading to a different location with a guide, generally driving first and then a short hike to a summit, rim rock or hill with good visibility. We use radios between the guides and are hunting different sides of an area where we know or at least expect to be holding a good bull. It is a fun hunt with a group. Once we can get something spotted we will decide who is in the best position, (dependent on wind direction and proximity) to make a move. Many times the other group/s are in an area to watch the action and be part of the harvest and resulting celebration.

Generally hunter opportunity is in the 75-80% range for archery and rifle both. The success rates for a harvest vary greatly between archery and rifle. We strive for comfortable shooting distances of 250-300 yds in rifle which generally results in a high percentage of harvests. 

We have a walk in cooler and will handle all game retrieval, skinning, caping, quartering and then de-bone the meat for travel just before departure. If you are wanting to have it handled locally we can recommend a processor and taxidermist.  

The price of ($12,500 archery) or ($10,500 rifle) per bull elk hunter is all inclusive. This will cover the private land owner tag, state license, state tax, meals, lodging and one on one guide. We have tried to take all the guess work out of preparing for this type of adventure. Once you are booked it will require of you, a great attitude, excitement and the physical preparation for the adventure. 

Competency with your weapon cannot be overstated, please shoot, shoot, shoot! before your hunt. We will take care of everything else. 

Thank you and happy hunting! 

Nathan and Amanda Green | Owners

Mobile: 303-717-9767